In The Arms Of Baby Jesus

(a two act suspense drama)

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Production History: 

Equity Workshop at Abingdon Theatre Company, Fall 2005.

Playwrights Forum readings of excerpts from new plays.  In The Arms of Baby Jesus at the Playwrights Horizon School, NY.


In The Arms of Baby Jesus  is about a homeless Vietnam Vet, Scottie, who seeks a place to die in dignity.  He lands a job cleaning Jenny’s apartment, an elderly woman in the East Village.  They discover they are likened spirits.  Kenny, his drug-running street friend steals Jenny’s wedding rings and a conflict ensures between the two “Vets.”  Scottie has to choose between the familiar anger that keeps him alive, and the uncertain peace that he has learned from Jenny as he slowly deteriorates from AIDS. 


Jenny Garite:  Early eighties.  Italian American. 

Scottie:  Late thirties. Sleek, tattooed, homeless Vietnam Vet.

Kenny:  Early thirties.  Rough, street savvy, Vietnam Vet.


             New York, East Village railroad apartment.  Kitchen w/ back window, a small middle room with closet and couch, and a bedroom w/ window on street front.   Off the bedroom window is a fire escape looking out onto the street in front of Tompkins Square Park.  Off to extreme down right close to the fire escape is the next-door Library stoop and small sidewalk area.

Act Breakdown:

Act One:

Scene One:  early morning, winter 1988.  Cold day.

Scene Two:  early evening, same day.

Scene Three:  late night, same day. 

 Act Two:

Scene One:  early morning, the next day.

Scene Two:  early morning, continuous.

Scene Three:  later that morning.

Scene Four:  late that night.