The Scenario
(a suspense drama)

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Production History: 

Reading of The Scenario at the CAP 21 Studios for the Ludlow Ten Theatre Company, Spring 2003.

Jamison Theatre, Mason Gross School of Arts, Rutgers University, Douglas Campus.

Nat Horne Theatre, NYC. As a Finalist in the Young Playwrights Festival.

Rutgers-NJIT Theatre Arts Program production, Bradley Hall Theatre, Fall 2000.


Brian, a playwright, returns to New York on Halloween night after a one year trip across country escaping personal failures and goes to his best friend, Steve's apartment to commit suicide.  While there, he discovers how successful Steve has become from his failed play and how his friend has taken over the affections of his ex-girlfriend, Sarah.  Then the suicide plan changes to something else.  He plans to drive the friend to the brink of insanity and expose a dark secret to his ex-girlfriend in order to win her back.  The plan takes a bizarre turn and leads to more than he anticipated. 

Character Breakdown: 

BRIAN:  In his early thirties.  Playwright with early symptoms of multiple sclerosis.  Egotistical, manipulative, lovable in a dark way.

STEVE:  In his late twenties.  Actor.  Leading man type.  Insecure about his sexuality.

SARAH:  In her mid twenties.  Actress.  Independent on the outside, but vulnerable to both men and their sexuality.  Shows elements of manic depression, highs and lows.   Unpredictable.


Mid 1980's.  Halloween around 11pm.  West Village near Christopher Street, New York City typical brownstone apartment.  Brick fireplace, kitchenette with bar in living room.  New sofa and armchair, matching.  A chess set on a separate table.  Coffee table, entertainment unit, including TV and stereo on bookcases near fireplace.   Scripts and other books in short bookcase on top of which a small bar has been setup on top.  It includes a bottle of Jack Daniels, and a set of fancy tumblers.  There is one door leading to the outside hallway and a hallway off the kitchenette that leads to back bedroom and bath.  The apartment is immaculate and stylish. 

Act Breakdown: 

The play takes place in continuous time in the apartment on Halloween night.  It can be played with or without an intermission.  Running time is approximately one hour and forty minutes.